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We conduct research in the following areas:

  • The application of heuristic techniques to solve the make-or-buy problem in transport / logistics, to plan fleet replacement
  • The application of solvers in the optimization of the distribution network structure
  • The application of macrosimulation in transport network design
  • The application of microsimulation for the design of material and information flows in logistics systems
  • The application of ratio analysis in various areas of transport / logistics
  • The application of analytical methods (SWOT, Porter's model) to analyze the market and the situation of the company
  • The application of multiple criteria aiding methods of human and technical resources
Selected projects carried out by the Division of Transport Systems team are as follows:
• T-INCLUDED - The Analysis of the Scale of Transport Exclusion in Poland Along with Recommendations for Legislative Changes in the Context of Public Transport
• Methodology and Elaboration of the Plan for the Sustainable Development of Public Transport for Wielkopolska Region
• E-Taxi Simulation System for the Sustainable Management of Mixed Electric and Gasoline Fleet of Taxis
• SMART-PT. Smart Adaptive Public Transport
• MATSim's DVRP Extension for Simulation and Optimization of Dynamic Transport Service