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We have extensive counselling/consulting experience. We use optimization, simulation, and decision support tools. We carry out research and implementation projects in the field of:

  • Planning the network of public transport lines
  • Feasibility studies of transport projects
  • Design and reengineering of business processes
  • Research and analysis of traffic
  • Construction of simulation models of transport systems
  • Fleet management
  • Economic - financial analyses of transport - logistics projects

We cooperated, among others, with:

  • Companies, including PTV Group, Stradtraum Polska sp. z o.o., LPW Consulting, ITS Polska, Polbita, Kler, Brenntag, PoloMarket, Tesco, Fota, Electroscandia, Cussons, Comarch, AQUANET, BWI Poland Technologies, CAT LC Polska, PHILIPS LIGHTING Poland, VATTENFALL, Ceramika Tubądzin, Kompania Piwowarska, Starter, KPA Kombus, ZUK Rokbus,  MD-Trans, PREMIO MANIX …
  • Local governments, including The Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region in Poland, Poznan City Hall, City Hall in Srem
  • Organizations, including ECR (Efficient Consumer Response, Poland), PTL (Polish Logistics Association)

Following the examples of the best, global patterns of cooperation between science and industry, we offer consulting projects and their implementation with the involvement of students in their last year of studies (I, II and III degree). Often their dissertations are related to the subject of ongoing projects. The essential design work is carried out by the experienced staff of the Division of Transport Systems, who additionally supervise the work performed by their graduate students.

We believe that this approach brings the benefits of each of the parties involved:

  • The company gains:
    • High quality of advisory
    • Perhaps its future employee (a student already implemented in the issues of the company)
    • Good price for the advice
  • The student gains:
    • Experience
    • Knowledge
    • Practical aspects of engineering thesis, master thesis or even doctoral dissertation
  • The university gains:
    • Good relationships with industry
    • Possible opportunity to benefit from additional sources of financing (e.g. joint applications for grants)
    • Adaptation of curricula to market requirements